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I. Hygienic Division

We are related with factories in Asia, that manufacture the finished product Sanitary Napkin  as well as a comprehensive range of raw materials for the production of Diapers, Napkins and Panty-liners and machinery and complete plants for Baby Diapers, Incontinency Diapers, Napkins and Bed-pads.

Sanitary napkins 
a.) Basic:         standard napkin without Superabsorber (SAP), 8.3 gram
b.) Uni Regular: individually wrapped standard napkin with SAP and embossing
c.) Uni Maxi:     extra long, 27 cms quality napkin with SAP 11.0 gr
d.) Wing:          individually wrapped wing-napkin, 22,5 cm, round block e.) Unique Wing:premium wing-napkin with PPF, SAP, embossed, 24,0 cm long
f.)  Panty-Liner: Body shaped slim pulp panty liner without SAP, 2,6 gr.

Non-Woven Thermo bonded fabric
We cover the full range of Polypropylene Non-Woven, bi-component materials, hydrophobic and hydrophilic types in white, red and blue colour.  Production ranges from 11 gr/ m² to 45gr/ m² and we have the option to apply Aloe Vera.

PPF – Perforated Polyethylene Film
In our factories in Suzhou and Singapore, we produce PPF in four different standard hole designs or according to your requirements. 

Whether for the construction of diapers, napkins etc   or positioning glue, we have the range of hot-melt glues on synthetic rubber (SBS) or synthetic resin (SEBS) base.

PE Film
For the back sheet or for wrapping of hygienic products or as the base-material for PPF, we cover the full range of top quality cast PE films in all densities.

Machinery & Production Lines
Under the supervision and quality control of JeJe Corporatama, Singapore,   we are manufacturing economical quality machines in our Suzhou, China plant.
International sales, after-sales service and documentations are supported efficiently from Singapore respectively Hamburg.
Various options, e.g. Siemens PLCs, Hammer Mills, Disk Mills, Web control, hot-melt applicators etc. complement our range.

- SN 200    Sanitary Napkin line for capacities above 200 pieces per minute
- SN 300    Sanitary Napkin line for capacities above 300 pieces per minute
- DP 200    Baby Diaper line for capacities above 200 pieces per minute
- PL 200     Panty Liner line for capacities above 200 pieces per minute
- DBP         Line for Disposable Bed Pads ( 600 mm width)

II. Printing Materials and Accessories Division

Offset Printing Plates for Sheet and Web-Offset

GLOBAL STAR POS:       Positive plate, fast exposure  for medium print runs
GLOBAL STAR LONG:     Positive plate for long print runs
GLOBAL STAR NEG:       Negative plate for medium print runs

Printing Aids and Chemicals
Developers, cleaners  and rejuvenating products for plate, blanket, rollers. Fountain solutions, montage glue and sprays.

Anti-Set Off Spray Powder
Coated or uncoated natural spray powders
- “P-fine”             13 my mesh size for paper up to 170 g/m²
- “P-medium”        26 my mesh size for paper up to 300 g/m²
- “P-coarse”         38 my mesh size for carton board

Polyester Films
-         Laser Printer Film for direct plate imaging
-         Montage films
-         etc.

Guillotine –Knives
Knives for POLAR, WOHLENBERG and all other known paper cutting machines

Numbering Units
Rotary and plunger numbering machines